Common Disasters

Household structural emergencies or disasters are never easy but with the right restoration service, recovery will be easier and faster.  When looking for the right restoration service, it’s important to hire a company with extensive knowledge and experience in the full range of home disaster recovery.  Craft Restoration Services is a reputable, accomplished restoration company and is always ready to assist you. 


Perhaps the most common cause of damage in homes, the source of a water issue must be corrected before repairing the damage.  From getting rid of standing water and permanently repairing leaks in plumbing to dehumidifying the area, you need a multi-staged approach to restore your home or business.  There are many potential sources of water damage - each one requiring specialized treatment: 

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Cracked foundation walls  
  • Excessive humidity
  • Spring runoff
  • Extreme weather                                                       


Even small fires can cause major problems throughout your home - and for your family or business.  Fire and smoke damage must be assessed and repaired quickly, properly and with sensitivity to your specific needs.  Although some damage may not be obvious, smoke, soot and odours can present problems.  Craft Restoration will make sure your restoration service goes beyond just fixing the visible damage.  

We will also:

  • Assess and repair structural damage from fire, smoke and water in your home or place of business
  • Salvage and restore your personal belongings whenever possible
  • Work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure a prompt return to a normal home or work life  


In addition to being a source of damage to your home, sewer backups are a threat to your health and safety, requiring specialized treatment performed by experienced professionals. Craft Restoration will:

  • Quickly and properly repair the cause of the problem, remove all water and debris
  • Decontaminate the affected structure of your home, your furniture and belongings
  • Thoroughly dry and deodorize your home


Emergencies can strike unexpectedly in different ways.  The damage and threats from any disaster are minimized the sooner you take action and contact a reliable restoration service.  Craft Restoration is ready to help in any emergency.

  • Weather damage           
  • Mould and mildew growth                
  • Vehicle impact
  • Vandalism and break-ins